$1,579.00 $1,479.00

The perfect allrounder, farm, firewood, falling etc

Key Features:

  • Engine - 68 cc

  • Power - 3.6 kW

  • Bar Length - 20 in

  • Weight - 6.8 kg

  • Auto Tune Engine

A high-performance, powerful saw for demanding users.

Powered by the new Husqvarna X-TORQ engine producing more power over the complete rpm range, productivity boosting features and lower fuel costs. The new 570 features AutoTune which gives optimal engine performance through automatic engine setting. No time spent on carburettor adjustments. The AutoTune compensates for different fuels, altitude, humidity, temperature and clogged air filter making this saw an excellent choice.

This item is on special!

Limited stock at this price. So if you are looking for a grunty firewood saw that can handle longer bars easily up to 28in then call in at Bunbury or Busselton to grab a bargain.


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