Ergonomic, easy to use front scoop instantly transforms your mower into a versatile tool

Key Features:

  • Fits all late model YTH and GTH tractor mowers

  • Easy installation

  • 125 - 175mm ground clearance

  • 90kg maximum load capacity

Additional functionality at a convenient low cost.

This convenient scoop fits all late model YTH and GTH tractor mowers. It easily carries loose dirt, mulch or rock for those small or large yard jobs.

Great for spreading sand or moving heavy rocks or bags of potting soil for bedding plants. Lift, lower and dump all from the tractor seat with easy-to-reach ergonomic handles. Removal of scoop is easy after one-time installation of mounting brackets. Mower deck does not have to be removed. With a 90kg load capacity it has the strength to perform most of those heavy carring jobs around the block. Bucket raises 125mm to 175mm off the ground for effective transport clearance. Wheel weights recommended for improved performance.

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