Mulch kit for pressed mower decks

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Converting side ejection tractors to mulching mowers.

Kit comes complete with blades and a plate to block the ejection duct in the cutting deck converting mower to full muclhing. Mulching is ideal for larger lawns as no catching of clippings is required. More than that the clippings are chopped up into very small pieces which allows them to be forced back into the lawn. This results in number of benefits. (1) Protection for the soil for the sun minimising water loss and keeping the soil cooler (2) Clippings break down faster (3) Approx 4% of the clippings is the fertilizer nitrogen which releases slowly into the soil thus feeding your lawn (4) No clippings to dispose of, no trips to the dump or piles in the backyard and more. With todays drying climate and problems with artificial fertilizers leaching into our water ways mulching your lawn is a great way to help minimise these problems. We have mulching kits to fit all Husqvarna ride on mowers. Priced from $99.00, including blades, they are also great value.

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