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Unit 4/11 Picton Road
9721 8780


55 Strelly Street
9754 1544


68 Commonage Road
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Our Products

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Browse our full range of leading-edge Husqvarna forest and gardening tools including lawn mowers, chainsaws, robotic mowers and more for both professionals and homeowners

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T535i XP® – Skin Only
For professional users who want a lightweight, extremely easy-to-use top...
530iPX – Skin Only
Agile and lightweight battery-powered forestry clearing saw with truly professional...
435 e-series II
Husqvarna 435 is designed for the landowner who prefer a...
530iP4 – Skin Only
Battery pole saw for professionals with long 4m reach and...
K 535i
The Husqvarna K 535i is a lightweight battery power cutter...
530iPT5 – Skin Only
Telescopic battery pole saw for professionals, with 5m telescopic reach...
440 e-series II
Husqvarna 440 is a lightweight petrol chainsaw that’s very easy...
540i XP – Skin Only
Husqvarna 540i XP is a powerful and efficient battery-powered chainsaw,...
T540i XP® – Skin Only
Husqvarna T540i XP is our most powerful battery-powered top-handle chainsaw,...
Our lightest tree-care chainsaw gives you performance when it matters,...
445 e-series II
As a landowner you have many demands on a chainsaw....
450 e-series II
Husqvarna 450 is a superb petrol chainsaw for the landowner...